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What We Do

As tag lines go, “Right from the start” is quite a conceit. However, whilst there can be many roads to the same outcome in the world of technology, we have often found ourselves inheriting networks which have, at best, some odd configuration settings and, at worst, are simply plain wrong.

If we can be involved right from the start, we can assist with planning, explain the various options, produce analysis which will be meaningful to you, narrow down the options and, ultimately, help you get the most appropriate solution.

If you are branching out on your own, moving your company to a new premises or opening a second office, get VCI on board right from the start to work out the technicalities whilst you focus on your core business.

We want to be with you right from the start, and we want you to be getting everything right…from the start.

Why we work

The raison d’etre of the business is the same today as it was when first established in 1997; to offer quality IT consultancy services to small businesses who cannot justify the expense of in-house IT or stretch to the rates of many of the expensive consultancy companies out there. This was hardly an exercise in discovering an untapped niche – plenty of companies profess to ‘specialise in the small to medium sized business sector’ and, indeed, many of the larger consultancies whose core client base started to get wiped out in the 2001/2002 economic dip tried to hop on the bandwagon.

The reality is that we are a small business which does specialise in offering support to other small businesses – and by small we refer to the head count and make no other assumptions. We often win business with clients who have had experiences ranging from frustrating to out-right damaging in terms of their previous IT support.

In some cases, the increasingly successful and ever expanding support company has perhaps begun to focus on newer, more profitable opportunities so begins to view the small client operation with an air of resignation bordering on disdain. Other times the local support company offering ‘best prices in the area’ actually sends out a trained chimp….not necessarily one schooled in technical matters.

We work so that you have access to;
– informed, straight forward advice
– competent, communicative consultants
– the skills needed to implement and maintain solutions
– clear, unambiguous and fair tariffs for all services

How we work

Our approach is to discuss all matters openly, honestly, and to give as much explanation as you need or want – you possibly don’t understand (or care) that, “We had to change your router’s configuration to allow the SMTP port through to the internal mail server having first locked the access down to only accept traffic from the servers of your mail filtering company.”  What you do want to know is that your emails are coming in and that it isn’t likely to stop working any time soon.

Our consultancy is available in many forms; needs-must in billable units, pre-paid support units which give you a lower unit cost, through to support contracts covering areas of support and all-inclusive contracts.  Different organisations have different needs so we look to offer what presents the best value to you and the most effective means of operating for us.    What remains consistent throughout all these will be our honesty, integrity, and attention to your requirement.

We work with a range of remote tools which allow us to offer reactive support to your PC (by invitation subject to a working internet connection) or proactive support if desired where software grants us secure access to monitor and maintain, or to allow unattended support and installation services.

We monitor and maintain servers for a number of our clients which helps them keep running and not have to worry about the state of the network or hardware.  We are able to offer an informed overview of the network at any given point in time as well as being able to make changes where needed or foresee areas which may need some thought and planning to address over time.