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Who we are

The VCI Systems consultancy team have just short of 70 years of combined industry experience and an uncanny ability to sound identical to one another when answering the phones!  Clients of VCI may struggle to tell the various consultants apart at the start of the conversation but always take reassurance from the fact that the team will know both them and their network.

Robert Creech


Founder and managing director of VCI Systems.  Robert comes from a background in customer service and account management and is responsible for the day to day running of the business whilst remaining an active participant in the client-facing roles of remote support, site work and new business development.


Tony Sibley

Consultant – Support and network management

Tony’s genuine interest in IT was clear from his CV and interview even before he joined VCI Systems in 2001 as part of a vocational college course.  Tony secured a permanent place and has taken the pivotal role in the daily management of client networks and contract support.  Tony brings unflappable perseverence and a near obsessive attention to detail to the mix.

Pete Hinton

Consultant – Network and database development

Peter has over thirty years in system programming, network and database management, twenty of those spent supporting the UK infrastructure for one of the world’s largest organisations.  Joining the VCI ranks in 2007, Peter’s experience complemented the existing VCI offering whilst bringing enhanced database development skills to the team.  His analytical approach has made Peter the ideal person when assessing the application of new technologies.

Charlotte Allum

Office Administrator

Having previously worked in the software industry in an HR capacity and, more recently, in the charity sector helping with book-keeping and marketing, Charlotte joined the team in Oct 2016 bringing with her a wealth of admin experience and enthusiasm in order to help with the smooth-running of the business.


Office Security 

Building upon a wealth of experience in tug-of-war games and occasional tennis ball retrieval, Bear brings a welcoming tail wag to visitors along with background noise to the odd phone call. Aided by technology, Bear can work remotely and is not always office based.